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Affiliate program

The Referral program invites website owners and administrators to join our affiliate program and receive 30% from the net profit from each transaction by your referrals. For this you need:

  • Register as a user on
  • Invite your friends through a personal affiliate link, which is available in the personal account

After you have given an affiliate link to a friend, each client who clicks on the website and performs an operation using our Service is considered a client attracted by you as a service partner. From each transaction made by attracted clients on the website, the partner receives 30% of the net profit. After registration, the partner is given the opportunity to withdraw remuneration for attracting referrals to the partner’s external accounts.

If a client attracted by a partner performs an operation on the Service unregistered, he is still considered to be an attracted client as long as it is technically possible to uniquely establish the connection of this client with the partner (this is determined through a cookie stored on the client’s side at the time of the first transition to the Service website from the Partner’s website).

Please note that profit is made for transactions carried through our Service, and not for clicks on the Service’s website. Using the distribution of emails (known as SPAM) for the purpose of advertising our Service is strictly prohibited. In case of any complaints from email owners about SPAM, partners`s accounts will be deleted with a complete loss of earnings.

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